Current Asset Register



Annual Return


Budget 24/25



Annual Return


Annual return 202324 signed 

Internal Auditor's report

Explanation of variances 23/24

Declaration of status of accounts 23/24

All Payments 23-24

All Receipts 23-24

Bank Reconciliation 31st March 24

CIL report 23/24

Budget 2023/24

Budget 2023/24 q1 updated

Budget 2023/24 q2 updated


Annual Return


 Annual Return 22/23 Signed

Internal Auditor's report

Explanation of variances 22/23

Declaration of status of accounts

Notice of exercise of Public Rights 22/23

All Payments 22-23

All Receipts 22-23

Bank Reconciliation 31st March23

CIL report 22/23

Budget 2022/23



Annual Return


Notice of Exercise of Public Rights Period 21-22

 Annual Return 21/22 Signed

Annual return 21/22 (unsigned accessible Version)

End of Year bank reconciliation 31st March 2022

Internal Auditors Report 21/22

Explanation of variances 21/22

Declaration of status of accounts 21/22

 CIL report 21/22

Payments list 21/22

Receipts list 21/22

Budget 2021/22


Annual Return


Notice of Public Rights 2020/2021

Declaration of Status of Accounts

Annual Return 2020/2021 Signed

Annual Return 2020/2021 unsigned (accessible)

End of Year Bank Reconciliation 31st March 2021

Explanation of Variances

Internal Auditors Report 

CIL RETURN 2020/21

Payments 2020/2021

Receipts 2020/2021

Budget 2020/21


Annual Return


Notice of Exercise of Public Rights 2019 2020 

Annual Return 2019 2020 signed

Annual Return 2019 2020 unsigned for screen readers

Declaration of Status of accounts 2019 2020

Explanation of Variances 2019 2020

Internal Auditors report 2019 2020

Internal Checker report Nov 2019

CIL return 2019/2020

Payments 2019 2020

Receipts 2019 2020

Bank reconciliation Year end 2019 2020

Budget 2019/20



Annual Return


 Notice of Exercise of Public Rights

Annual Return 2018-19

Audit exemption 2018-19

Internal auditors report 201819

Payments 2018/19

Receipts 2018/19

Explanation of variances 2018/19

CIL report 2018/19

Budget 2018/19

EOY budget report 201819



Annual Return


Notice of Exercise of Public Rights

Annual Return 2017-18 section 1 - annual governance statement

Annual Return 2017-18 section 2 - statement of accounts

Annual Return 2017-18 internal auditor report

Annual Return 2017-18 external auditor report

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Accounts 2017-18 -payments

Accounts 2017-18 - receipts

EOY bank Reconciliation

CIL report 2017/18

Budget/precept 2017/18


Annual ReturnAccountsBudget
   Budget / Precept 2016/17


Annual ReturnAccounts
 List of payments over £100



The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities requires a parish council with a turnover under £25,000 to publish certain information. The council is happy to comply with the Code and to publish the following information:

All items of expenditure are listed in the monthly financial report which can be found in the minutes of the meeting.

Agendas should be published not later than 3 clear days before the meeting is taking place. Draft minutes should be published on this website not later than a month following the meeting.

Details of public land and building assets owned by the parish council

A list of councillor responsibilities (to be updated as required)

Internal audit report

Annual governance statement

End of year annual return

End of year accounts and supporting statements