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Annual Return


 Notice of Exercise of Public Rights

Annual Return 2018-19

Audit exemption 2018-19

Internal auditors report 201819

Payments 2018/19

Receipts 2018/19

Explanation of variances 2018/19

CIL report 2018/19

Budget 2018/19

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Annual Return


Notice of Exercise of Public Rights

Annual Return 2017-18 section 1 - annual governance statement

Annual Return 2017-18 section 2 - statement of accounts

Annual Return 2017-18 internal auditor report

Annual Return 2017-18 external auditor report

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Accounts 2017-18 -payments

Accounts 2017-18 - receipts

EOY bank Reconciliation

CIL report 2017/18

Budget/precept 2017/18


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   Budget / Precept 2016/17


Annual ReturnAccounts
 List of payments over £100



The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities requires a parish council with a turnover under £25,000 to publish certain information. The council is happy to comply with the Code and to publish the following information:

All items of expenditure are listed in the monthly financial report which can be found in the minutes of the meeting.

Agendas should be published not later than 3 clear days before the meeting is taking place. Draft minutes should be published on this website not later than a month following the meeting.

Details of public land and building assets owned by the parish council

A list of councillor responsibilities (to be updated as required)

Internal audit report

Annual governance statement

End of year annual return

End of year accounts and supporting statements