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Brimpton is situated south of the A4 between Newbury and Reading. It is a small rural settlement with just over 200 houses most of which are to be found in three distinct areas; the village, Brimpton Common and Hyde End. The total population is about 550.

All three areas of the parish have a long history of habitation and many of the houses in each of them are several hundred years old. The two areas of relatively high ground are the village centre and Brimpton Common. Hyde End lies in a valley created by the River Enborne.

There are several working farms and the agricultural land comes close to the village centre; consequently, all parts of the parish have a rural character and most houses have a view over open countryside.The parish is criss-crossed with footpaths which provide a variety of interesting walks alongside the river Enborne and through woodland, as well as across open countryside.

The facilities include a primary school, parish church, Baptist church, village hall and two pubs. There is a shop nearby in Crookham. The roads through the village are narrow and winding and the village is served with a bus service between Newbury and Reading.


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